KLEINOD I /beauty spot

A small valley that borders the Atlantic Ocean, in the middle of the burnt forests of Leiria, in the center of Portugal. A place of special beauty, wild and unspoiled, surrounded by square kilometers of black destruction.

2013 – 2018

A journey of three weeks develops into a six-year adventure. Inaccessible nature, cliffs and gorges, rough rock, wind, clouds, snow and rain. A meditative work about the lonely regions of the French Alps.

2013 – 2018

A journey along the US West Coast in Califonia and Oregon following the weather phenomenon marine layer.

FLUSS /river
2012 – 2014

FLUSS captures a natural space along the Upper Rhine that is characterized by permanent change. “My pictures tell of the longing for pacification, depth and beauty and the desire to lose oneself.”

WALD /forest
2009 – 2012

Nature shots that seem equally mythical and real. Atmospherically, the motifs are imbued with a deep pacification and sublimity. They draw from the moments of fading or awakening light.


Hampi, Karnataka, India. A portrait series of Lamani gypsy women in rural India. A tradition loses cohesion in the changing times.

1996 – 2000 

“You can read these photographs like tarot cards, as they tell the future of the city, which was once desert and will be desert again.”